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Amazing Kids Martial Arts Classes in Fredericksburg, VA

If You’re Looking To Build Your Child’s Confidence and Teach Them About Discipline & Respect In A Fun, Family Friendly Environment – Then You’ve Come To The Right Place!

Our program is more than just learning kicks and punches. It’s about helping people become they best they can be.

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Here's What Other Parents Are Saying

  • “His Confidence Has Shot Through The Roof!”

    Gregory’s confidence has shot through the roof over the last 1.5 years here at Mountain Kim. He no longer feels like he has to be bullied and take it.

    Taekwondo has given him that confidence even though he has never raised a hand to another child. The people here are wonderful and supportive, it really has become like family for us. Thanks so much!

    Becky Bolduc
  • “I Chose Mountain Kim Over Other Similar Programs Because Of The Emphasis On Discipline & Progress…”

    In my son’s first year at Mountain Kim he’s gained many levels in terms of body awareness, respect for his instructors, obeying the rules, and
    self confidence. I’m very grateful for the patience and consistency of the instructors, and as a teacher I am impressed by how well rounded and differentiated the curriculum is.

    Sarah Taylor
  • “Learning Lessons They’ll Use For The Rest Of Their Lives”

    After looking at other schools in the area, I’d given up. We found Mountain Kim by chance and I’m so glad we did! Each class has been challenging for my children, but not discouraging. They have so much fun learning lessons they’ll use for the rest of their lives.

    Charity K

Here’s What Your Child Will Get In Our Program

Fun Fitness

We all need to exercise, it’s so important for your overall health.

Problem is – technology makes it way easier just to sit on the couch.

That’s why we focus on using exciting drills and games to make our classes fun. Kid’s think they’re playing but in reality they’re getting an awesome workout!

The result? Stronger, healthier, happier children.

More Confidence

Experts agree that building your child’s confidence should be a top priority. Here’s why:

A lack of confidence can lead to self doubt, fear of failure, and negative expectations.

That’s why we use goal setting, good job recognition, and positive encouragement in our classes.

This helps the kids in our classes develop that “Yes I Can!” attitude that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Discipline, Focus, & Powerful Life Lessons

The #1 compliment we hear from parents is the life lessons their kids learn in our program.

Our secret is being able to “bridge the gap” between martial arts training and life.

Simple things like work hard, treat others with respect, and believe in yourself go a long way.

When you come in for your child’s first lesson you’ll exactly see what I mean.

Personal Safety & Self Defense

No martial arts program would be complete without learning how to protect yourself.
In our program your child will learn how to protect themselves with professional instructors in a safe environment.

Strong, Supportive Environment

We pride ourselves on having a family friendly environment.

Our students and instructors welcome new members with open arms. If you have a shy child you’ll be amazed at how quickly they come out of their shell.

We have a very strong sense of community in our school and we would love for you to be part of it.

Here's What Other Parents Are Saying

  • “My Son Really Loves It There”

    My son really loves it there, they are very nice people and he looks forward to it every week. They are very good with the kids.

    Michelle Russell
  • “Increased Confidence And Focusing Better At School”

    Mountain Kim is awesome. Our son enjoys taking classes and it has increased his confidence, and has helped him focus better at school.

    The instructors are great and really care about helping the students succeed and move forward increasing their knowledge and skills.

    We would highly recommend them.

    Scott Ellis
  • “Her Confidence Continues To Grow…”

    We love Mt. Kim Tae Kwon Do! In this last two and half years, our daughter has improved balance, flexibility and agility. Her confidence continues to grow. Because the masters make learning fun as well as meaningful, she continues to be excited to attend class twice a week. Our daughter especially enjoys the semi-annual tournaments. The Master’s demonstration is motivating and of course she loves coming home with trophies and medals. It’s amazing to see the progression from ‘no belt’ to Black belt’ all in one place.

    M & B

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