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Martial Arts For Adults & Teens in Manassas


If you’ve been thinking about taking martial arts lessons then look no further! We’ve helped thousands of people get in shape, learn how to protect themselves, and ultimately live better lives. Check out what some of our members are saying below.

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“I Have Lost 20 Pounds…”

I decided to join Mountain Kim in May of 2011, three months after having a baby. I needed to regain my strength after several very
difficult pregnancies. Before I started taking the beginner class I could not get up off the floor by myself. When I realized that I could not help myself, much less my children, I decided I needed to do something about it.

I am not one who likes to be physically competitive. When I spoke to my instructor about my goals I made it clear that I was not interested in competitions. All I wanted was to regain my “normal” strength. I honestly thought it was going to take a long time. But nonetheless, I mentally prepared myself for a long journey.

Six weeks after I started training (six years after I last jogged) I started jogging half a mile. It’s been five months into my training and I am jogging 5 miles a week. I have lost 20lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight. I had forgotten what it was like to have energy!

The most surprising gain of all is the “mental strength” I have acquired. I found that I have more control over my stress. I no longer have feelings of helplessness like I did for the past 6 years. The classes have given me back the independence I had lost.Thank you all for everything I have learned.

W. Jeffris

My Experience At Mountain Kim Has Been Life Changing

My experience at Mountain Kim has been life changing. When I first started I hoped to be able to get in shape and learn some
self defense techniques. What I discovered after 2 years is that not only did I lose weight, get in shape, and learn self defense – but I
reached mental challenges that I never thought I would. I’m 46 years old and I’m able to do stuff I could only watch others do a few short
years ago. Now I’m not watching, I’m doing. That is life changing.

James Smith

I’ve Never Done Anything Athletic At All

Five months ago I was at my computer looking up martial arts schools and I came across Mountain Kim. I’ve always wanted to take
martial arts classes but for one reason or another I never pursued it. In fact, I’ve never done anything athletic at all. For some reason that evening something just told me to go for it. I wasn’t going to get anywhere just thinking about it. I needed to do it!

I found Mountain Kim online and made that call. I made an appointment to come in for a free lesson and get my feet wet. I was very nervous the day of my first class. I’m a 39 year old, out of shape, and I’ve never really been athletic, but I have to tell you I had a ball.I was hooked from the first class.

The benefits I have received are numerous. I lost 30 pounds in the first 3 months! I am stronger than I have ever been in my life, I am more focused in everything I do, I have more energy than I ever remember having, I am able to protect myself, I have more confidence, and I sleep great! I have made some great friends that I see out of class as well.

Most of all, and this is for all the busy moms out there who think they don’t have the time or the energy. I have something that I do for myself – for my mind, my body, and spirit. The stronger my mind, body, and spirit the better I can take care of my family and other obligations. It’s also one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. Come try it – you won’t regret it!

Christa Myers

Here’s What You’ll Get By Training With Us

Improved Fitness &Health: Look Great, Feel Even Better!

Exercise is so important, especially as we get older!

Problem is…going to the gym can be boring.

Getting a great workout doesn’t have to be a “chore”. In fact, you’ll never experience that boredom in one of our classes.

You’ll get a fantastic workout while becoming stronger, leaner, and more flexible.


Self Defense: Learn How To
Protect Yourself

Want to learn how to protect yourself? You’re in the right place!

It’s no secret that one of the big benefits of taking a martial arts class is learning how to protect yourself.

In our classes you’ll learn extremely effective self defense techniques that anyone can use. When you have the right knowledge – age, size, and athletic ability do not matter!

Mental Strength: Gain The Confidence,
Clarity, & Discipline To Reach Your Goals

Amazing things start to happen when you begin martial arts training.

You feel stronger – physically and mentally. You’ll gain confidence in yourself. You’ll notice there’s more discipline and focus in your life.

Once you try a class you’ll know exactly I mean!

mental strength
new friends

Make New Friends In A Fun

When you come in for your first lesson you’ll notice everyone is super friendly and eager to help.

That’s because we’ve built a friendly environment that emphasizes fun, safety, and respect for others.

You’ll make a ton of new friends in a fun environment that encourages personal growth.

Professional Instructors That Care
About You

Amazing things start to happen when you begin martial arts training.

You feelThere are two things you’ll notice about our instructors.

The first is, they love martial arts. The second is they are very passionate about helping others.

Our team of instructors is there to help you in anyway we can. They go through extensive training to make sure our members are only getting the best on the mat.


My Experience At Mountain Kim Martial Arts Was Awesome!

My experience at Mountain Kim Martial Arts was Awesome! I have been doing martial arts since 1990 and because of my job I have been forced to find new places to train as I move to my next location. When I found Mountain Kim Martial Arts I knew right away that I found a great place and I was never disappointed there after. So what was so great you ask? The training is great, that goes without saying! But it was even more than the training. At Mountain Kim Martial Arts I also felt like part of their family because of the family atmosphere and the honest and friendly people who operate and train there. It’s almost been two years since I was able to train there and to this day I can still remember why I enjoyed training there so much!

Peter Harrington

Programs Are Fun, Exciting, And Challenging…

I would be remiss if I did not positively assert myself to write a review on Mountain Kim Martial Arts. Having spent just shy of 22 years in the USMC, I know what it means to be part of a real TEAM or what it feels like to part of something recognizably good and special. So outside the top notch instruction, that is what drew me in to Mountain Kim Martial Arts. The reception I received when I first started was awesome and the great sense of TEAM I’ve seen and continue to feel as I progress through training/instruction is has me still going today. The atmosphere of the instruction is fun but conducive to learning proper techniques. All the instructors are firm, fair, creative, talented, and effective. I’m currently participating in the Hapkido program but I have the opportunity to observe, from time to time, all ages participating in Judo and Taekwondo programs which are fun, exciting, and challenging with emphasis on proper technique as well.

J. Ferriss

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